MDB Transportation is Beyond Grateful: Happy Thanksgiving!

MDB thanksgiving

History shows that Thanksgiving has been initially used as an instant to be grateful that a catastrophe has ended. Even in 1623, Pilgrims celebrated the second Thanksgiving holiday to be grateful for the cease of a long drought. Later

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MDB Attends Intermodal Expo: What’d Be The Outcome?

MDB Transportation

Since 2020, monthly intermodal freight volume has gone up and down, with much uncertainty regarding transportation that includes various modes such as rail, ship, and truck. In terms of October 2021, the figure made up about a million shipments,

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Trucking Industry and the Environment: MDB’s Impact is Beyond Sustainable

truck on the road

Today, the trucking industry is an essential contributor to the US economy, making up a stunning 70% of all freight moved in America. With 8 out of 10 US communities receiving everyday products such as food and medicine by

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Types of Trucking Equipment: MDB’s Guide

trucking equipment

The US car hauling industry made up about $10 billion in 2019, according to Acertus, a logistics company. But what are the truck trailer types used for auto transport by a transportation business? Today, each shipment is unique,

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Industry Where You Can Earn Real Profits: MDB Adds to Labor Benefits

MDB truck

America’s trucking industry is rapidly growing. In 2019, the US freight trucking industry made up about $792 billion in revenues. And, in fact, by the end of 2021, the US truckload market size is expected to reach $196 billion,

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Top Safety Tips for Truck Drivers: MDB Transportation Shares its Secret

MDB employee

In 2018, there were over 1.5 million truck drivers in the United States, reports Statista. As logistics transportation companies put much effort into employing more people in the trucking industry, raising public awareness of the best driving safety tips

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Everything You Need to Know About MDB Trucking

green truck

Did you know that in the US, trucks transport more than 70% of all goods? In fact, this figure by far exceeds that of trains, sea, and air transportation. Therefore, having a high-performing and trusty trucking company by your

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