Team Driving: a common trend in the industry

truck drivers

The growth of the transportation industry has led to many emerging trends. With open roads, many people might like working individually to have complete freedom and control over their driving. But, some people prefer working with someone else rather

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Top Ten Benefits Truck Drivers Get

truck drivers

Are you looking for a great career option? Or maybe you consider making a career change? No matter which case is yours, you should definitely consider the career of a truck driver. These days, truck driving in the US

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Six Key Transportation Industry Trends Drivers Need to Know

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It seems like 2022 has very good news for the transportation industry. After struggling with the challenges of the global pandemic, the industry needed time to get back on track. No one knew the exact time required for the

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Truck Driver Shortage: Why Drivers are Always in Search

MDB employee

How does it feel to know that 80,000 truck drivers are unemployed in the US? That’s a huge number, and it pushes people to discover why such a high level of truck driver shortage occurs. However, before digging into

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The Culture of Employee Appreciation: What Opportunities Does MDB Provide?

MDB drivers

“MDB Transportation values the talents and abilities of our employees and seeks to foster a cooperative and dynamic environment in which employees and the company alike can thrive,” – Jack Khudikyan, Vice President of MDB Transportation.

These words mirror

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The Framework Of Sustainability In Transport Infrastructure: MDB Transportation’s Formula

sustainability in transport

“Sustainability pertains to the responsibility of an entire generation of society to future generations; whether it can meaningfully be applied to a single area of human activity such as transportation has been a subject to debate. That is, sustainability

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MDB Transportation Places Largest Kenworth EV Order to Date

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Breaking News!

MDB Transportation Placed Largest Kenworth EV Order to Date.

“Several years ago, we made the decision to begin adding trucks that run on alternative fuels to reduce our carbon footprint and to better assist our customers in

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MDB Transportation’s Perspectives On Sustainability In Transport Infrastructure

MDB Transportation

Economic growth, global trade, and social development are all influenced by transport and mobility. However, these pose severe risks for sustainable development, which result in negative associations between transport infrastructure and sustainability. Concerning the problematic association between sustainability

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Transport Infrastructure: Today’s Reality and Trending Truck Equipment Types

transport infrastruture

The contribution of transport infrastructure to world development is huge. It is one of the greatest supporting systems of global supply chains that simultaneously drive growth in social progress. In other words, the transport infrastructure, exceptionally the road transport

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Sustainability in Transportation Industry: Today’s Reality

green truck

Did you know that there is a huge probability of crossing the threshold in sustainable development? Turns out, unless people take serious measures to make the world a more sustainable place to live in, unacceptable environmental changes with irreversible

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