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AJR & MDB Attended ACT Expo: AJR Had an Award

The largest advanced transportation technology and clean fleet event in North America – Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo has been successfully implemented on May 3, 2021, for three consecutive days! Taking place at Long Beach Convention Center that is located in Long Beach, California, ACT Expo gathered together the top sustainable companies engaged in the transportation business. Can you just imagine what has been going on during the expo, where 250+ exhibitors and sponsors were present, 75+ advanced clean vehicles were displayed, and all alternative fuels and efficiency technologies were introduced? Of course, AJR Trucking and MDB Transportation, as one of the best transportation companies, could not miss such a groundbreaking event. These two were present for a reason. Let’s admit that a transportation company that is engaged in sustainable systems and constantly explores the trucking industry cannot be ignored by such an event. Especially if one of them, AJR Trucking, got an award during the ACT Expo. As it seems, there is a lot to discuss. So, let’s read along with the article and find out the specials of the ACT Expo. 

expo overview

ACT Expo Overview

The ACT Expo has been hosted for a long time with an aim to annually unite the transportation industry around a unique ideology. It entirely hovers around the notion of sustainability: how to promote the mission of reducing emissions, how to build a better, cleaner, and more sustainable tomorrow. The staff of ACT Expo does everything to make the phenomenon of “sustainable tomorrow” a reality. During the ACT Expo, over 5,000 industry professionals represent the latest technologies, vehicles, fuels alongside strategies and experience to make people know that sustainability is not a myth, rather a possible reality. As the expo gathers together the leading manufacturers of vehicles and leading solution providers, there is no chance of not getting substantial insight into starting a transportation business by following sustainable business practices. Even for those who are unemployed, the ACT Expo can turn out to be a blessing. There is a major chance that you may find a job opportunity during the ACT Expo. Considering that expo introduces the best transportation companies to work for. So many companies come to the expo with job opportunity offers that you will definitely find a job if you are interested. Not to mention, considering that these companies are examples of the right company culture that leads to success, you will be able to find a job in an environment where employees are valued and appreciated. 

Why did AJR & MDB Attend ACT Expo?

AJR Trucking

Being the USPS Contract Carrier for over 30 years, AJR Trucking provides high-quality, resourceful, and agile project management aimed to meet the standards of the trucking industry and satisfy transportation services needs in the region. As a leading transportation company, AJR completely certifies for being a part of the ACT expo. Why?

  • Trained and experienced personnel
  • Specialized and high-quality equipment
  • Excellent customer service
  • Expertise in the market
  • Constant data collection and analysis
  • Commitment to the sustainable and green fleet
  • Commitment to the sustainable business model
  • Focused safety

30 years

All these criteria bring AJR to the level of being an attendee of such a grandiose event directed towards promoting sustainability in the trucking industry. What AJR Trucking does differently is recruitment procedures and its approach towards employee appreciation. No matter what, AJR always makes sure that it makes employees know that they are valuable assets of the company. It sustains a company culture where employees are not only professionals but also talented personalities. No wonder that AJR Trucking got an award.

MDB Transportation

MDB Transportation is certified as a 100% asset-based carrier. This speaks a lot about the transportation company’s attendance during the ACT Expo. Indeed, what the company prioritizes is its uniqueness to embrace innovation. Regardless of what happens, MDB Transportation is always ahead in the competition, especially if it concerns innovation regarding technology, strategy, customer service, etc. The company never saves resources like time, energy, and money to improve its operations to go beyond customer expectations. Few characteristics to point out as why MDB became an attendee of ACT Expo is:

  • Excellence in service
  • Transparent freight transportation
  • Sustainable business model
  • Commitment to environmental sustainability
  • Quality in project management

MDB truck

Apart from these, MDB always puts its employees first and ensures that every employee knows that he/she is appreciated and valued in the company. There was no way not to be at ACT Expo.  

Final Note

If you missed your chance of being there this year, hurry up to secure your place for 2022. The date is already known: May 9, 2022, and again for three consecutive days! This, for sure, is going to be huge, festive, and knowledgeable. See, a remarkable event full of awards and events that you may have missed even if you follow trucking news. Nevertheless, now you are aware of all the latest sustainable businesses that happened throughout the event, especially about prominent attendees MDB Transportation and AJR Trucking. Don’t hesitate to buy a ticket for the upcoming ACT Expo. The date? Lookup; it’s there.

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