Digital Transformation is Revolutionizing the Trucking Industry, One Innovation at a Time

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Defined as a “state of perpetual agility” by Amit Zavery, the VP of Google Cloud, digital transformation has emerged as the key enabler for almost all industries in the last decade.

The transportation and logistics industry is no exception.

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Seven Reasons Drivers Work for a Carrier and What Makes Them Stay

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Transportation industry trends of late reveal a shift toward more sustainable business practices. 

Per the American Trucking Association (ATA), the transportation industry experienced a slight recovery in 2022, with numbers slightly improving from over 80k in 2021 to

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How to Find the Best Trucking Company to Work for in 2023

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To learn how to be a successful truck driver, you must first find the right trucking company to work with. Truck driver jobs are abundant but finding the best fit for you and your truck driver career goals

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Upcoming Changes in the Transportation Industry

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It is no secret that the transportation industry is the backbone of our economy. With more than 70% of the freight being delivered by trucks, it is no surprise that so many sectors and fields of commerce depend on

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National Truck Driver Appreciation: The Love and Respect Truck Drivers Deserve

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It is no secret that the economy is the beating heart of any country. One of the leading factors that contribute to the growth and strength of an economy is commerce. Consumer spending leads to higher wages and improved

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Some of the Latest Trends and Statistics Regarding Transportation Industry

MDB Transportation drivers

Transportation is essential to business operations. Transportation industry jobs play a huge role in ensuring everything is where it needs to be. 

The transportation sector is still developing and creating new employment possibilities. This article discusses occupations in

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MDB Transportation Considered a First-Class Company by Harbor Trucking Association

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HTA, otherwise known as Harbor Trucking Association, is an intermodal carrier alliance that serves America’s West Coast ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Seattle, and Tacoma. 

Their goal is to advocate for, inform, and promote with other

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What Are Some Benefits of Working as a Truck Driver at MDB Transportation?

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The success of every transportation business depends mostly on qualified drivers. In the United States, truck drivers are responsible for 70% of freight transportation, especially in recent years as the transportation industry is expanding quickly. It makes sense that

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The Importance of Vacations For Truck Drivers and How Often Do They Get It

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It is no secret that the transportation industry is essential for the country’s economic stability and development. Every sector of the American economy and about 80% of US communities are dependent on trucking. The daily food we consume, the

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Essential Skills Every Successful Truck Driver Must Have

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Nowadays, the transportation industry plays a vital role in the development of the economy, with truck drivers being the beating heart of the industry. They deliver raw materials from local suppliers to factories.

They also transport finished goods from

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