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Industry Where You Can Earn Real Profits: MDB Adds to Labor Benefits

America’s trucking industry is rapidly growing. In 2019, the US freight trucking industry made up about $792 billion in revenues. And, in fact, by the end of 2021, the US truckload market size is expected to reach $196 billion, reports Statista. Needless to say, improving the economic needs of US trucking companies has helped to record such impressive figures while providing Americans with financially rewarding job opportunities.

Before diving right into wage discussions, let’s get a clear idea of how truck drivers get paid. In contrast to other professions, truckers typically don’t have a set salary as they receive payments per a fixed mile rate that they travel. The rate differs in terms of the region you work in, the company you work for, and how much experience you have. According to research, truck drivers typically earn $0.30-0.40 per mile. 

Meanwhile, some of the best trucking companies pay even more to their employees because of the current shortage of Class A licensed truckers. Overall, throughout the years, the U.S. has always had a chronic lack of qualified drivers; however, the pandemic saw the shortage reach unprecedented levels, simultaneously recording an increasing need for goods shipping while many experienced truckers retire. “We’re living through the worst driver shortage that we’ve seen in recent history, by far,” says Jose Gomez-Urquiza, Visa Solutions’ chief executive officer, an immigration agency focusing on the transportation sector, in an interview with Bloomberg. Therefore, the chronic driver shortage is something that prospective drivers can keep in mind when joining a trucking company.

All in all, a key component that makes trucking such a remunerative career is that you don’t stay on the same wages for too long – your performance and industry demands for quality professionals mean you can easily navigate to high incomes.

So how much do truck drivers get paid? Generally, truck drivers with Class A CDL licenses drive at least 2,000 miles per week and as high as 3,000. Since you get paid according to the miles you travel, the odometer automatically counts your earnings while you complete your daily work. And, in fact, this is an exciting feature for US truckers as they get paid a lot more than those who work on an hourly or fixed salary basis. In addition, drivers at many large trucking companies enjoy various bonuses and promotional features besides their regular pay.

Concerning the average income of truck drivers, in 2021, the figure makes up over $60,000. Entry-level job opportunities start at about $45,000, while many experienced truckers make as much as $85,000 on yearly basis.


“MDB Transportation values the talents and abilities of our employees and seeks to foster a cooperative and dynamic environment in which employees and the company alike can thrive,” says the Vice President of MDB, Jack Khudikyan. It comes as no surprise that the VP of a highly experienced transportation company views employee appreciation and the working environment as crucial factors. A team of professional drivers is essential for MDB as the carrier is developing at an impressive rate. Having employees with unique skillsets coupled with personality is critical for success in the long run.

One way to promote professionalism at MDB is ensuring each staff member feels appreciated by the team and that their unique abilities make them precious contributors. There is no wonder that MDB Transportation is among the best trucking companies to work for in the United States.

A sustainable business, MDB Transportation has completed operations equal to planting over 12,000 trees and removing 100 cars off the road, attracting the interest of environmentally conscious truckers.

MDB Transportation is hiring now. Give us a call today at 562-928-0668 and join our team of professional yet humane employees.

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