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MDB Attends Intermodal Expo: What’d Be The Outcome?

Since 2020, monthly intermodal freight volume has gone up and down, with much uncertainty regarding transportation that includes various modes such as rail, ship, and truck. In terms of October 2021, the figure made up about a million shipments, with much potential to increase. And MDB, the leading transportation business in America, heads to Intermodal Expo, where it hopes to reach agreements to benefit the intermodal freight transportation community.

What is the Intermodal Expo of IANA?

Intermodal Expo, an IANA initiative, has set its mission to facilitate the ease and effectiveness of intermodal freight transport. At its core, IANA uses dialogue and education to come up with innovative solutions. In fact, IANA is the only organization in the United States promoting the collective interests of stakeholders in the intermodal freight transportation sector.

Suppliers account for the largest representation with 40% of IANA membership, followed by the figure for motor carriers (21%). Next, 3PL, rail, and associate boast 12%, 11%, and 10% figures, respectively. And marine makes up 6%.

When it comes to its vision, there are various goals that the Intermodal Expo has set an eye on achieving. The expo indeed accomplishes various objectives, from providing the industry stakeholders with all the necessary educational resources to offering them a constructive platform for sharing mutual issues. Excitingly, Intermodal Expo is an incredible opportunity for transportation services providers to achieve consensus on numerous topics while shaping policy and coming up with recommended practices. In addition, advancing transportation companies’ interests in the legislative environment is another fascinating achievement of the program.

What is the Outcome of the Intermodal Expo?

When it comes to the benefits of the expo, there are 3 main advantages one needs to consider – from providing actionable knowledge to establishing a community and setting it a foundation for industry success. 

Intermodal Expo aims at sharing practical knowledge that will ensure tomorrow’s success. Besides, MDB Transportation will boost its professional readiness through Intermodal Expo as the event provides its participants with world-class educational resources.

Ensuring that you are a part of a unified community is essential to business success. Therefore, MDB Transportation is happy to collaborate with other trucking industry stakeholders to come up with mutually beneficial goals. MDB is proud to promote green economy initiatives that contribute to the common good as a supporter of sustainable business practices. Additionally, MDB finds much strength in unity, and it aims at removing every single barrier to doing business through collective efforts.

IANA and Intermodal Expo are popular contributors to the interests of trucking industry stakeholders. And, excitingly, their unique expertise continues to provide transportation companies with essential experience and knowledge to facilitate industry operations.

About MDB Transportation

Since its founding in 2002, MDB Transportation has committed itself to offering a world-class service experience. And to accomplish this, the Los Angeles-based company always does its best to hire the very best trucking professionals who can spice up its staff and become integral members. As a customer-centric company, MDB Transportation invests as much time, energy, and resources as possible into realizing the expectations of its customers.

With regard to MDB’s vision and mission, the transportation company is always on the lookout for innovative solutions to common problems. Throughout its operation history, MDB has always been at the very center of accessing cutting-edge technology that best serves the interests of customers. Concerning its goal, MDB Transportation is always delighted to see and contribute to the growth of businesses. That is why the company is always transparent while offering fast and world-class transportation services.

While transportation of goods may often get complicated, experienced and trusty logistics companies are experts at finding the right solution to each occasion. MDB Transportation boasts the very best fleet to ensure that you receive outstanding freight transport services that you will find nowhere else. The transportation company’s large variety of trucking equipment will provide your business with diversity of choice in terms of conveying your products from one location to another.

In addition, MDB Transportation boasts electric, chassis-pull, and compressed natural gas-based (CNG) that operate 100% on a sustainable basis through its sustainable business strategy. EV zero-emission and class 8 tractors series, among other types of trucking pieces of equipment, are available to the needs of all businesses. Interestingly, when starting a transportation business, MDB’s founders aim at setting sustainability as a core characteristic of the company’s culture. And today, the transportation service provider is proud to boast a proven record of following leading sustainability principles. It should come as no surprise that the company successfully achieved its objective of replacing diesel gallons with a sustainable solution such as RNG. In fact, MDB has conducted operations equal to replacing over 78,450 diesel gallons throughout its operations, planting over 12,000 trees while taking about 100 cars off the road. Therefore, thanks to its environmentally-conscious business activities, MDB qualifies as a Corporate Socially Responsible (CSR) company.

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Yet, while contributing to environmentally-friendly business activities, MDB Transportation is proud to share that even during uncertain times, it is able to keep its costs consistent over time, therefore providing stakeholders in the trucking sector with a conducive environment for cooperation. So while following all the essential environmental principles, MDB continues boasting excellent customer experience through its talented staff. 

MDB Transportation is Hiring

“MDB Transportation values the talents and abilities of our employees and seeks to foster a cooperative and dynamic environment in which employees and the company alike can thrive,” – has recently been shared with Jack Khudikyan, who is the Vice President of MDB Transportation. As one can note, employees are appreciated at the highest level in MDB. Actually, it is through the unique abilities and dedication of its employees that MDB is able to provide its partners with trusty and world-class transportation services. And as a continuously evolving company, MDB hires the very best professionals in the trucking sector who bring a variety of skills coupled with distinct personalities to the company experience. Join MDB now and start contributing to environmental sustainability while earning a high salary in a company that genuinely appreciates you.

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