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MDB Had a Blast in 2021: Let’s See The Journey

Throughout the year 2021, MDB Transportation has overcome many challenges and obstacles. These crafted the company that provides the best transportation services in the region. MDB managed to attend multiple events, become a 100% asset-based carrier, implement sustainable transportation practices and improve employee appreciation. So much to achieve just in one year! Let’s go over each 

accomplishment separately and explore how MDB paved such a prosperous career path. 

MDB Attended Intermodal Expo

Intermodal Expo is all about making sure that tomorrow’s success will come. The Intermodal Expo signifies the unified community as an aspiration for business success. Accordingly, it gathers together companies that thrive towards a better tomorrow and is eager to create a successful future. Specifically, the expo concentrates on the top sustainable companies that may have their colossal investment in the bright future of the trucking industry. Imagine how vital MDB Transportation’s contribution is that it became an attendee of such a significant event!  



MDB Integrated Sustainability Practices

Considering that top sustainable companies attend important events like Intermodal Expo, it is logical to note that MDB Transportation integrated sustainable business practices into its daily work routine. To imagine the extent of MDB’s sustainable business model, its operations are equal to planting 12,082 trees, removing 100 cars off the road, and eliminating 169 metric tons of GHG emissions. Don’t you agree that as a transportation business, such results are magnificent? Let me tell you that besides being immersed in sustainability, MDB prioritizes excellence alongside innovation. Whatever the company does, it always looks forward to delivering excellence and ensuring that a drop of innovation is in there. MDB Transportation, indeed, is the best transportation company to work for, considering how professionally it conducts all the components essential for employee appraisal.

MDB Improved Workforce Appreciation Practices

Why people are encouraged to apply for a job at MDB Transportation is because of the company culture that people dream of. Especially, throughout 2021 it invested all its potential into making its company culture the most welcoming, respectful, and appreciative as possible. Today, MDB is a transportation company where people do not just work but live their best lives full of growth, compassion, and respect. Do not hesitate to apply for a job at MDB Transportation, as it is the workplace where you will feel appreciated, respected, and recognized. 


intermodal expo

MDB Had a Boot at Dray Tech

A Harbor Trucking Association Event – Dray Tech is one of the most popular events prioritizing sustainability. Accordingly, MDB had no choice but to be there! Besides, being a corporate socially responsible company, it masters the art of employee appreciation and manages to provide the best fleet available in the region. Implementing such procedures during its work routine, MDB has been capable of sharing its tips and tricks on becoming as sustainable and professional in the industry as MDB is. 

MDB Sponsored RNG Fueling Station Grand Opening 

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) fueling stations should have had such a sustainable company like MDB as its sponsor. In collaboration with US Gain, MDB Transportation conducted the grand opening of the RNG fueling station. Being an example of a transportation company promoting environmental sustainability alongside service excellence and employee appreciation, MDB, in collaboration with US Gain and its sister-company AJR Trucking, brought to reality one of the most sustainable and prospective projects of 2021. 


Dray tech

MDB Attended ACT Expo

A massive event that unites the best sustainability companies of the industry, intending to unite everyone around the concept of promoting environmental sustainability worldwide. The saying “sustainable tomorrow” lies at the foundation of ACT Expo. Who else, if not MDB Transportation, could attend such a sustainable yet modern event? Yes, a  modern event because it does not miss the opportunity to introduce the industry’s latest technologies to the audience. Considering that MDB has the best fleet available, it also had its collection to display at the event. Besides, the event turned out to be a good opportunity for the company to be promoted through different channels as transportation news talked about ACT Expo for several days. 

Final Note

MDB achieved so many things in just one year that any other transportation company would struggle to! It became the best transportation company by investing everything into the successful tomorrow. We went over each component of success separately and explored how MDB managed to pave such a prosperous career path. Some secrets are uncovered, yet some are still kept as secrets. Just remember one thing – success never comes easy, and MDB did everything possible and impossible to become sustainable, deliver excellence, craft the art of employee appreciation, and be prominent enough to attend events of such significance. 

MDB wishes all of you to thrive towards perfection and never step back from your goals. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let 2022 be full of achievements and happiness.


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