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MDB’s Boot at Dray Tech – A Harbor Trucking Association Event

Why Did MDB Transportation Participate in Dray Tech 2021?

MDB is Sustainable

As a company following a sustainable business model, it always aims to tackle the position of being the best transportation company in the region, and being a part of such an event is one of the paths to reach the milestone. Considering that the main aim of the event is making sustainability a priority for the majority, MDB Transportation had no choice but to be a part of it. Being a sustainable business whose operations get equal to removing over 100 cars off the road, planting over 12,000 trees, and eliminating almost 170 metric tons of GHG emissions, MDB definitely had a say during the event. 

MDB Follows Excellence

Moreover, the transportation company, which supplies almost 25,000 shuttled containers annually, has over 20 satisfied customers every year, has the experience to share with businesspeople, start-ups, and trucking enthusiasts. An interesting aspect to note about this transportation business is that whatever it thinks of gets implemented with having excellence in transportation services as a priority. This being said, MDB had the tips and tricks to share with those who have been interested in knowing the secret behind always providing excellence to the customer. 


MDB Crafts the Art of Employee Appreciation

Besides, it not only provides excellence to the customer but to the employees, too. It is for a reason that workers of MDB consider it as the best transportation company to work for. As Jack Khudikyan, the Vice President of MDB, mentions, “MDB Transportation values the talents and abilities of our employees and seeks to foster a cooperative and dynamic environment in which employees and the company alike can thrive.” MDB crafted a company culture that every company strives towards, and every employee dreams of such a working environment. The company provides each employee every possible opportunity to grow both as a professional and personally. The key to such an approach and success in recruitment is expressing gratitude towards employees and letting them know that they are respected, appreciated, and valued in the company. Even though it seems like there is nothing to learn from MDB as a transportation business that is excellent in recruitment, there are various nuances that should be acknowledged to master the art of employee appreciation. 

Those who were present at Dray Tech 2021 had the chance to learn from MDB how to express gratitude towards the employees. Stay tuned for the next Dray Tech event, because there is a high probability that you will have the chance to get in touch with MDB again!

MDB truck

MDB Provides the Best Fleet

Turns out, MDB not only follows excellence in service but also in providing the best fleet available. Indeed, it has overcome a long path of difficulties to be a master in always maintaining a fleet corresponding to high quality and sustainability standards. During Dray Tech, people had the opportunity to know about these difficulties to bypass them and cope with them if encountered. 

Final Note

The mega-event Dray Tech organized by Harbor Trucking Association took place at Hotel Maya on September 10, 2021. This time, MDB Transportation had a boot at Dray Tech as a premium exhibitor. Being a company with a sustainable business model that follows excellence, crafts the art of employee appreciation, and provides the best fleet available, MDB definitely had a lot to share with people. 

If you have missed such an opportunity to learn tricks and tips on sustainability, the art of employee appreciation, to gain access to the best fleet available, and to the secret behind the capability to always provide excellence, stay tuned for next year’s announcement of Dray Tech. Who knows, MDB may be there again!

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