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Top Ten Benefits Truck Drivers Get

Are you looking for a great career option? Or maybe you consider making a career change? No matter which case is yours, you should definitely consider the career of a truck driver. These days, truck driving in the US is regarded as one of the pillars of the American economy – millions of dollars! Don’t you think that truck driver jobs are at least worth discovering with us? Let’s go over the top 10 truck driver benefits and see whether you see yourself in the trucking industry!

Job Stability

Sometimes people may confuse job stability with job security. Before going into details about the importance of job stability for truckers, let’s define the difference between these two. Job security and job stability refer to working at one company for the longest possible time. However, job security comes with work experience at a particular company – it concerns the duration you work for that one company without disruption. Whereas job stability is the inner feeling, you have as an employee. Deep down, you are confident that it is implausible that you may get fired or dismissed regardless of circumstances, i.e., economic downturn. 

Job stability is one of the most incredible benefits that should come if you are at the best company to work for in the transportation industry, like MDB Transportation. Imagine how it feels when there is job stability present in the company. Just recall how you feel when you’re with your beloved ones – it’s the feeling of protection and safety. With job stability at a transportation company, you feel valued as professionals and recognized as personalities first. You become confident that the company emphasizes your well-being. Accordingly, it won’t put you in a situation where you may feel mental health issues, stress, burnout, anxiety, anger, etc. This increases employee engagement and results in less turnover for the company. Consequently, with higher engagement, you’ll definitely notice an increase in productivity – the happier you are as an employee, the better your working routine becomes.

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Flexibility and Independence

Being flexible and independent in a career is one of the best professional assets. As a truck driver, you can be in charge of your routes and hours – this is a blessing having today’s transportation infrastructure. Accordingly, you are free to decide upon the amount of money you’re about to make depending on your choices. Of course, every transportation company has its rules and regulations, but you are free to choose the way you work most of the time. Because of a flexible schedule, you aren’t obligated to leave your family for days – it’s your choice to do so if there are personal needs. Besides, being a trucker doesn’t limit you in selecting your outfits – wear whatever you want, no uniform required!

High Salary

Truck driving jobs have competitive pay with considerable numbers. Imagine how big numbers may get: the national average is $67k annually, although it differs from state to state. Of course, different factors influence the money you may earn. If you choose to drive short-mile routes, the pay may not be that high but still will be competitive and satisfying. Also, depending on the transportation company you work for, the way pay is calculated may differ. Some companies use Mileage rates while others use Hourly Rates to calculate the truck driver salary. However, regardless of circumstance, the money you’d get from truck driving will meet your needs depending on your choices. 


This is one of the best parts of truck driving – traveling. Whenever you’re taking a new route from A to B, you’re given the opportunity to see beautiful sights, landmarks, and other attractions all over the country. While you are “traveling,” you get paid every mile. Turns out the transportation business pays you for traveling. 


It’s well-known that not all entry-level professionals receive employee benefits when just starting, right? However, the trucking industry is different – even entry-level truckers receive employee benefits that include life, dental, vision, and medical insurance coverage. Plus, companies like MDB Transportation also offer bonuses, retirement plans, paid holidays, vacation time, etc. Whatsoever, having insurance coverage is one of the top necessities that the industry provides. 

Career Advancement

As mentioned, a truck driver’s salary depends on multiple factors. One of those is years of experience and skillfulness. Depending on your training, you can pursue career advancement opportunities and receive higher pay. Some of the options for career advancement include:

  • Instructor at truck driving school
  • Advanced management role at a trucking company
  • Owner of a trucking company

All the points are possible to accomplish if you decide to. This means that the career of a trucker doesn’t hinder your growth. Instead, it opens up opportunities. 

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Time on The Road

Even though driving countless hours might seem mundane, truck drivers are actually rather productive during their shift. Unlike most jobs, driving allows you to get paid for what you’re doing while simultaneously achieving personal goals. Self-development has become a top priority for many people but is usually difficult to accomplish due to lack of time. For this very reason, truck drivers love having the opportunity to: 

  • Listen to music
  • Listen to educational/news podcasts
  • Listen to audiobooks

Combining work with something beneficial for you is one of the greatest benefits of being a truck driver


Most truckers would definitely share your lifestyle and values. Meeting such people all over the country creates a strong sense of community and networking. Never underestimate the power of having acquaintances in almost every part of the country. 

Making a Difference

The trucking industry is one of the most influential ones in the US. It heavily impacts the economy and the environment. Being a part of such an industry provides you with the opportunity to make a difference in the world. How? As long as you are a part of the US trucking industry, you contribute to the US economy with your earnings. Plus, being a part of a transportation company like MDB Transportation that follows Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards emphasizing environmental sustainability, you automatically make the world a greener and better place to live. To understand how much MDB emphasizes environmental sustainability, the company’s operations are equal to planting 12,082 trees, eliminating 169 metric tons of GHG emissions, and removing 100 cars off the road – these numbers are growing every day making the future of a transportation industry brighter. 

Also, just by being a trucker, you make a difference in people’s lives every day. Keep in mind that truck drivers usually wake up early to hit the road and deliver necessities from A to B. Thanks to truckers, people have full shelves of food, clothing, medications, etc. 

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Personal Growth

Being a truck driver includes a combination of various capabilities. Professionals have excellent skills in customer service, expert driving, freight, and many more! This means that day-to-day communication with different types of people and various encounters all over the country contributes to personal growth. You are definitely becoming more skillful in communicating with different personas, more attentive in driving, and more knowledgeable in tech and freight, etc. Every day of truck driving comes with a new challenge that eventually makes you a stronger personality and a better professional.

Final Note

We are already familiar with the top 10 truck driver benefits, including:

  • Job Security
  • Flexibility and Independence
  • High Salary
  • Traveling
  • Insurance
  • Career Advancement 
  • Time on The Road
  • Community
  • Making a Difference
  • Personal Growth

Now, a question to you: what stops you from applying to one of the best companies in the transportation industry – MDB Transportation? Recruitment for driving careers is open! Call at 562-928-0668 and get your seat at the best transportation company.


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