“We are excited to be at the forefront of the deployment of new technology and to be able to offer our customers zero-emissions freight solutions.”

Jack Khudikyan

Vice President of MDB

MDB Transportation, led by Vice President Jack Khudikyan, is committed to leading the way in sustainable transportation innovation. Our mission is not only about leading with innovative, zero-emissions logistics services but also about valuing our partners as much as we value our own team.

Our commitment extends beyond internal growth to fostering strong and lasting relationships with our partners. By combining our professionalism, talent, and determination, we aim to accelerate success, not just for MDB but for our partners as well.

Join us in this journey towards excellence and sustainability. Become a part of MDB Transportation, where we move forward together, setting new standards in the transportation industry.


Recruitment for driving careers is open!

Call us today at 562-928-0668 and become a member of a professional yet humane MDB Transportation team.


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