Our Fleet

Provisioning a business is full of complexities. Do not let the transportation of goods be one of those. MDB Transportation is there to help you tackle the issue regarding goods transportation and eliminate it from the list of complexities for your business. Note that MDB Transportation provides the best transportation fleet to ensure a top-tier service going beyond your expectations. The Company comes to you with a wide variety of high-standard fleets ranging from Electric to Chassis-pull to CNG that operate solely on a sustainable basis. We can bravely say that environmentally responsible stands at the core of MDB Transportation. EV zero-emission, class 8 tractors series, tri-axle and expandable chassis, and many more can be offered to you if you come to MDB! 
As mentioned prior, sustainability stands at the Company’s core, and no wonder that MDB Transportation managed to replace 78,460 diesel gallons with RNG. People at MDB constantly repeat – our mission, zero-emission. This is an essential aspect of MDB Transportation as the natural gas and EVs it utilizes to make it visible as a company fully corresponding to being a Corporate Socially Responsible (CSR) one. It manages to be eligible and maintain cost certainty while tackling CARB requirements that the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach brings forward. Keeping sustainability at the highest possible level, MDB continues delivering excellence alongside experience and makes itself eligible to be the one capable of booking cargo to the future.

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