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Everything You Need to Know About MDB Trucking

Did you know that in the US, trucks transport more than 70% of all goods? In fact, this figure by far exceeds that of trains, sea, and air transportation. Therefore, having a high-performing and trusty trucking company by your side can provide you with various long-term advantages. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the basics of a leading US trucking company – MDB Transportation.


What is MDB Transportation’s Mission?

At MDB Transportation, hiring world-class employees is a priority. “MDB Transportation values the talents and abilities of our employees and seeks to foster a cooperative and dynamic environment in which employees and the company alike can thrive,” says the Vice President of MDB, Jack Khudikyan. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the VP gives so much importance to employee appreciation and the community.

Moreover, through professionalism, expertise, character, desire to develop and grow, urge to excel, and drive to offer world-class services, MDB hires a team of professionals that look forward to contributing to the company while achieving professional progress.

Are you searching for a trucking job? MDB Transportation is hiring!

Contact MDB at 562-928-0668 and join the team of professional yet friendly employees. It’s safe to say MDB boasts all the characteristics of the best trucking company to work for!

About MDB’s Services

Concerning MDB services, you have tons of options to choose from.

Port & Rail Services

MDB’s Port & rail services, based in Los Angeles, will blow your mind in terms of the number of locations the company covers.

Full Truckload Services

From pick-up to drop-off, MDB will safely transport your goods during the entire process. In addition, complete transload shipments are easily accessible with MDB as the company boasts a presence in various locations.

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MDB Fleet

MDB Transportation has positioned itself among US trucking companies as a unique team providing the very best transportation fleet for top-tier service.

Therefore, the company offers you a range of environmentally friendly and high-standard fleets – from Electric to Chassis-pull to CNG. In this context, MDB can rightfully claim to be mindful of the planet’s needs – with environmental concerns at the heart of its operations.

Do you support sustainable business practices? From environmentally-friendly, class 8 tractors series to tri-axle and expandable chassis, MDB Transportation offers you various solutions for an enjoyable work experience.

As mentioned, MDB promotes sustainability. Excitingly, the company has recently replaced 78,460 diesel gallons with Renewable natural gas (RNG). What’s more? MDB aims at producing zero emissions, and it needs your contribution to achieving this goal. Join MDB Trucking now!

About MDB Transportation

An asset-based carrier, MDB Transportation will give you certainty in turbulent times. In numbers, MDB’s operation is equal to planting 12,082 trees, eliminating 169 metric tons of GHG emissions, and taking 100 cars off the road so far. Stunning, right?

But can you imagine that MDB also boasts 23,400 shuttled containers, 452,304 miles, and tens of satisfied customers per year? And all of that is done sustainably!

With the excellence of customer service a high priority, since 2002, MDB has hired the best team of logistics professionals to provide its customers with the world-class service they look for.

Wondering how MDB accomplishes this? The company spends maximum time designing an ideal strategy to meet your expectations best. In addition, MDB pours tons of resources and energy into providing you with safe and world-class transportation services.

The Bottom Line

Do you support environmental sustainability? Do you want to grow personally and professionally while working with the best team in the industry? Are you looking for the best company for new drivers?

Apply now to MDB Trucking and join a team of leaders!

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