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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Local Truck Driving

If you are looking for local truck driver jobs, you have come to the right place. We will go over the benefits of local trucking jobs, and talk about a transportation company that will help you establish your truck driver career. 

What are the benefits of being a local truck driver? 

Fixed Schedule 

Local trucking allows the truck driver to have a more fixed set of routines. Local drivers have a consistent hourly schedule. They know exactly when they will be home and when they need to be at work. This will give them peace of mind and the opportunity to make plans outside their job sphere. 

They Get to Spend More Time at Home

Many drivers prefer local truck driver jobs over regional or OTR because it allows them to spend more time with their families in their homes. Local drivers usually arrive home almost every night. It will enable truckers to be present in their daily lives at home. Local truck driving jobs are for you if you value being physically present with your family and experiencing life’s precious moments with them. 

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Local Truck Drivers are More Healthy 

Local truck drivers spend less time driving, which gives them more opportunities to be physically active throughout the day. As they don’t spend much time on the road, they are not exposed to the risks of driving. Last but not least, due to them spending more time at home, they get to avoid developing poor eating habits. 

Free Weekends 

Besides the benefits mentioned above, most local drivers get the luxury of being off on the weekends. So it makes it easier for them to make plans on the weekends and attend events. However, it’s important to note that this might vary depending on the company the driver works for. 

What are the Requirements to Become a Truck Driver?

There are many benefits of being a truck driver, which include travel, freedom, insurance, and so on. However, local truck drivers have more specific advantages that many regional or OTR (Over The Road) drivers don’t get to enjoy.

Some unexpected circumstances, such as traffic or bad weather, may prohibit drivers from arriving at their final location on time. That is why they need to be patient and learn not to panic or get frustrated in these situations. 

They must accurately follow the trucking company’s policies for which they work. Some other obligations include meeting delivery deadlines, changing truck fuel on time, checking the freight throughout the trip, and having a basic understanding of technical aspects of the job, such as knowing how GPS works.

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How To Become a Truck Driver? 

Many drivers graduate from truck driver school to become professionals in the sphere. Those schools and programs teach basic truck driving rules and regulations. In some companies, it is even important for their drivers to have an experience as a driver. 

However, as the industry is rapidly growing and the demand for truck drivers is increasing, some companies in the industry don’t put much emphasis on whether you have graduated from a truck driving school. And, if you want to know how to become a truck driver with no experience, then the answer is you need to look for an appropriate company that doesn’t pay attention to that. If you want to pursue the career of a local truck driver but don’t have experience, there is no need to worry; below, we will talk about a company that gives truck drivers with no experience a chance to grow as professionals. 

How much is the local truck driver salary? 

The average truck driver salary in the United States is about $30,000-$76,000 per year. Whereas in California, it makes about $81,888. 

However, as distance is a major factor when calculating the driver’s salary, local drivers don’t get paid as much as regional or OTR drivers. Their salary starts from $41,000. 

But, it is not a reason to get upset. The salary can vary from company to company. That is why it is important to thoroughly research and find the best trucking company to work for that values its drivers and satisfies their salary demands. MDB Transportation, one of the best local trucking companies, can be an excellent candidate for that. 

Which company is the most suitable for local truck driving?

We propose starting with MDB Transportation if you want to start your local truck driving journey in the transportation business and make a nice income. Since 2002, we’ve made serving our customers with the outstanding quality our top priority. Our mission as a Los Angeles transportation company is to assemble a team of specialists capable of exceeding our customers’ expectations.

We value and encourage creative ideas, which is why our company has grown exponentially since its inception. MDB Transportation closely follows all the transportation industry trends to stay modern and keep growing our knowledge about the industry.

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Professional drivers are essential to the success of any transportation firm. Truck drivers are responsible for 70% of freight transportation in the United States, especially now that the business is quickly expanding. It’s no surprise that there’s a significant truck driver shortage. As a result, our company pays its drivers a fair wage so that they make a decent living. Even though local drivers are known to be paid less than regional or OTR ones, with us, they are getting paid fairly and respectively. That is why we are known as Los Angeles’ best transportation company.

We firmly follow sustainable business practices to embrace the environment and its protection as a corporation. Planting 12,082 trees and reducing 169 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions are just a few of our sustainable business ideas.

To contribute to sustainability in business, we have replaced 78,460 gallons of diesel with renewable natural gas. 

MDB Transportation is a leader in sustainable business growth because of its use of natural gas and electric vehicles, by which we have encouraged Corporate Socially Responsible (CSR).  It’s worth mentioning that the company can maintain cost certainty and meet CARB standards set forth by the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach while using a sustainable business model. MDB Transportation also claims the finest quality of freight transport. It looks forward to being an industry leader as an environmentally friendly provider of transportation services for many years to come.

MDB Transportation could be the ideal place to start your career as a local truck driver. It highly values truck drivers, allows them to grow as professionals, and follows a sustainable business strategy. If you’re looking for a truck driver job, don’t hesitate to contact us at 562-928-0668. We’d love to have you join our team of knowledgeable and kind professionals.

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