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How to make a good living as a truck driver?

If you are interested in the transportation industry and want to pursue your career as a truck driver but don’t know whether it’s possible to make a good living, you came to the right place. Surprisingly enough, the average pay for a truck driver is sufficient for you to have a wealthy life. Its salary is one of the benefits of being a truck driver

How much do truck drivers make?

The average pay for truck drivers in the United States varies according to the driver’s location, the distance, and the type of freight the truck carries. Annually, a truck driver salary can range from $30,000-$76,000. The average truck driver weekly pay starts from $700-$1400, or even more.

 If you are interested in local truck driving jobs, then, according to the transportation industry statistics by, the average truck driver pay in California is $81,888. The truck driver hourly pay is $27.22, daily pay is $311, and the monthly payment is approximately $5,798.

The income will change depending on whether you work as a team driver or solo. In general, team drivers make more money than solo drivers. That is because they can get the truck to its destination in almost half the time since they take turns driving. To be more precise, team drivers travel about 6,000 miles per week, making about $3,421, whereas solo drivers cover 3,000 miles in a week, earning $1,239. 

On a per-mile scale, team drivers earn $0.49 – $0.75. Solo truck driver salary, on the other hand, has a range of $0.37 – $0.60 on the same per-mile scale. Owner-operator drivers (drivers who own their trucks and take care of trucking responsibilities) earn $1.22 – $1.75 per mile.

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How is the average pay for truck driver determined?

As already mentioned, many factors determine the amount of payment. Here are some of them:


If you’ve been in the field for a long time, trucking companies will grant you priority over others. After all, your technical skills are up to par – your experience in navigation and truck maintenance is advanced. For example, truck drivers who have been in the industry for less than a year earn $292 per day. Drivers, who have been around for more than ten years, earn $351 per day. 


Distance is a key factor when calculating the salary. For example, OTR (over the road) drivers, who get to travel the most, and take the freight across 48 states of the USA, get paid $0.39-$0.55 per mile. Out of regional, local, and OTR drivers, the latter get the highest pay starting from $55,000. Regional drivers get paid $0.37 – $0.55 per mile, and local drivers – $0.43 – $0.66. As local drivers don’t drive too far, their pay starts from $41,000. 


Some locations are more demanded than others depending on the season, the amount of population, visitors, and other factors. In California, for example, the company MDB Transportation is known for having high truck driver pay rates. 


Truck drivers earn licenses, which contribute to them getting higher salaries. Those licenses are for loads that exceed the standard weight limits (aka oversized loads) and dangerous materials. 


Last but not least, the type of freight or cargo the truck is transporting also plays a major role in calculating the amount of salary truck drivers get. There might be cargo, such as hazardous materials, that require additional licensing or insurance; the more risk associated, the higher the pay.

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Where do I start?

To find truck driving jobs in the transportation industry and make a good living, we recommend starting with MDB Transportation. Since 2002, we have made excellent service our number one priority. As a transportation company in Los Angeles, our goal is to gather together a team of professionals who can meet our customers’ expectations.

 We embrace and value innovative ideas; that is why our company has experienced a tremendous amount of growth since its inception. It attentively follows all the transportation industry trends to stay updated and informed. 

As a company that values the environment and its protection, we strictly follow sustainable business practices. 

Our sustainable business ideas include planting 12,082 trees and removing 169 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Since team driving is one of our sustainable business model strategies, it allows us to use fewer trucks, and, as a result, eliminate 100 cars off the road. So, as an environmentally conscious trucker who wants to earn a good living, team driving at MDB Transportation is a great idea.

Some of our company’s values are employee appreciation and a positive working environment. We make sure each of our staff members’ abilities is enhanced during their work.

Professional drivers are the core factor for every transportation company’s success. Especially nowadays, as the industry is rapidly growing, 70% of freight transportation in the States depends on truck drivers. No wonder why there’s a high truck driver shortage. That is why our company provides its drivers with the appropriate salary for them to make a good living. That is why we are known to be the best transportation company in Los Angeles. 

As a company that values truck drivers and follows sustainable business growth, it can be the perfect place to start your career as a truck driver. If you want to get a truck driver job, then don’t hesitate and call us today at 562-928-0668 to join our transportation business.   

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