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MDB Transportation Considered a First-Class Company by Harbor Trucking Association

HTA, otherwise known as Harbor Trucking Association, is an intermodal carrier alliance that serves America’s West Coast ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Seattle, and Tacoma. 

Their goal is to advocate for, inform, and promote with other stakeholders in the goods movement and policymakers solutions that will sustain pollution reductions, foster a conversation about intermodal truck efficiency, and bring cargo and employment back to America’s west coast ports. The HTA plays a significant role in the transportation industry as it publishes news and stories on trucking companies providing top-tier services.

MDB Transportation – a Leader in Sustainability  

In their latest monthly newsletter, HTA has once again talked about transportation industry news and mentioned worthy companies, such as MDB Transportation. It is exciting and encouraging to be appreciated for what you do. That is precisely what MDB Transportation and its employees felt when finding out the newsletter would include MDB and discuss its operations. Our team is humbled by the opportunity to be featured in HTA’s Member Spotlight and be recognized for bringing awareness to sustainable business ideas.

One key goal of MDB Transportation is to incorporate innovation into all aspects of the company’s operations. MDB has always embraced innovations that open up new possibilities for sustainability. Throughout these years, it continuously enhanced its offerings and eagerly anticipated utilizing cutting-edge technologies. We are glad the HTA issue was discussed using a sustainable business model, as it’s an integral part of our operations. 

The fleet at MDB is top-notch, cutting-edge, and eco-friendly. Another sustainable business idea that our company uses is its fleet, including environmentally friendly CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), electric, and chassis-pull vehicles. MDB is a fully compliant Corporate Socially Responsible (CSR) company because it follows such transportation industry trends as using electric and natural gas vehicles.

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Our other accomplishments, which we take great pride in, were also highlighted in the issue. Our operations are equivalent to removing 100 automobiles from the road, planting 12,082 trees, and removing 169 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, our sustainability news includes having switched from 78,460 gallons of fuel to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

Our company ensures that our services meet our customers’ requirements. This is why MDB Transportation spends all of its time, energy, and resources carefully planning and crafting each customer’s supply chain needs, routes, freight, and the appropriate vehicle to transport cargo while taking into consideration delivery deadlines. As a result, we have 20 satisfied customers each year. These numbers are only possible if you indeed are the best transportation company.

MDB Transportation is recognized by HTA for providing reliable freight transportation and aspires to continue as a pioneer in the field for many years. We wish to expand MDB Transportation into a more prominent family while incorporating innovation and environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices. 

Working on projects at MDB Transportation is a passion, not just a chore. Due to its passionate and motivated workers, MDB Transportation is where you can launch your truck driving career as it is considered the best transportation company to start with

Our Services 

Now that we’ve discussed why HTA considered MDB one of the most outstanding transportation industry companies, let’s discuss its services. Our company puts the needs and expectations of its customers first. Because of this, they can completely customize all of our services. We offer:

Port and Rail Services

The number of destinations MDB Transportation has around the country allows it to provide rail and port trucking services.

LCL Services

MDB Transportation also provides LCL Services in Los Angeles. Our business delivers on time and covers the entire west coast with 400 trailers.

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Full Truckload Services 

MDB Transportation will manage your whole shipment from the beginning to the end. With multiple locations, our company can handle total transload cargo shipments. And all of this while following a sustainable business strategy. 

To conclude

We would like to add how much every employee is highly valued and appreciated in our transportation business. The truck drivers that work with us are given a high salary, insurance for their medical, dental, and vision needs, vacations, and sick pay, helping them enjoy all the benefits of being a truck driver

Transportation industry jobs are crucial nowadays since 70% of all freight transportation is happening in the USA. They supply materials and goods required to maintain the operations of several sectors of the American economy, including mining, heavy industry, infrastructure, construction, and others. 

The transportation business also provides a variety of jobs for people interested in a professional truck driving career. Due to its rapid growth, the trucking sector is experiencing a severe truck driver shortage. So, are you thinking about starting a career as a truck driver? MDB is considered one of the best transportation companies to work for, allowing its employees to grow professionally and develop the skills needed for success. We encourage you to join the team and be a part of an economic boom!

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