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MDB Transportation is Beyond Grateful: Happy Thanksgiving!

History shows that Thanksgiving has been initially used as an instant to be grateful that a catastrophe has ended. Even in 1623, Pilgrims celebrated the second Thanksgiving holiday to be grateful for the cease of a long drought. Later on, Thanksgiving was celebrated because of the end of the country’s war of independence coupled with the U.S. Constitution’s prosperous ratification. New York, indeed, has been the first, along with several states that marked the date as an annual holiday designed to express gratitude towards everything and anything. Although New York proclaimed it as a national holiday, Thanksgiving was still unknown for the American South. That was the situation until Sarah Joseph Hale requested the establishment of Thanksgiving as a national holiday through multiple campaigns directed towards Thanksgiving. Her request was successfully accepted in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln and has been officially marked as a holiday being celebrated on November fourth Thursday since 1941. 

Thanks to progression in the meaning and ways Thanksgiving is being celebrated these days, businesses have the opportunity to be grateful for all the stakeholders that have a penny in its success. The trend of being thankful is especially high in the transportation industry. Considering the breadth of partners, employees, and customers businesses specialized in transportation services have, paying a great deal of attention to this holiday is inevitable. One of the companies providing the best transportation services is MDB Transportation. A sustainable business, 100% asset-based carrier, aligned towards excellence, quality, and certainty, driven by customer needs, supported by influential business partners – all about MDB. Having all of these, MDB as a transportation business cannot go on without allocating time to thank its business partners, employees, and customers on this special occasion. 

MDB Says Thank You, Dear Partner!

MDB Transportation cannot miss such an opportunity to express its gratitude towards its business partners! The company’s journey with you is a blessing because due to your efforts that you put into the company’s growth aids the accomplishment of every goal set ahead. Holding a sustainable business model is not an easy thing to do. Indeed, having business partners who promote sustainability and motivate everyone to be sustainable does not leave us with any other choice rather than staying clear to the notion of what stands at the core of a sustainable business strategy.  Besides, at the foundation of MDB’s strategy lies the phenomenon of striving towards excellence in service since 2002. Without our business partners, the company won’t be able to maintain excellence for almost 20 years. Due to the maintenance of excellence in service, MDB Transportation has been recognized as the best transportation company not once! What’s more, the company values innovation – it is a leader in integrating cutting-edge technology in the implementation of its business strategies. What would it do without innovative and supportive business partners? Sometimes, without business partners keeping up with the rapidly growing world of innovations is impossible. As a transportation business, MDB is grateful for having such business partners that make its innovative journey a possibility. 

MDB Says Thank You, Dear Employee!

In the words of the Vice President of MDB Transportation, Jack Khudikyan, “MDB Transportation values the talents and abilities of our employees and seeks to foster a cooperative and dynamic environment in which employees and the company alike can thrive.” These words would have been meaningless if the company did not put a huge effort into making its employees feel appreciated, respected, and valued. MDB puts a strong emphasis on fostering professionalism and benevolence in each employee because every individual working in the company has a huge investment in its success. All the people working at MDB are professionals, talented, unique personalities, individuals aligned towards self-development and growth with a tremendous desire to be the first without sacrificing excellence in service. Such staff could not be anywhere else rather than in one of the best transportation companies to work for! Thank you, dear employee, for the daily hard work you put into MDB’s success. 

MDB emloyees

MDB Says Thank You, Dear Customer!

How can we forget to thank our assets of prosperity and reasons to go beyond our capabilities? Thanks to our customers, we are capable of looking at the company’s progress from an external point of view. Thanks to our customers, we can envision what the future of the company may look like. Thanks to our customers, MDB sees huge growth in brand awareness as customers usually spread the word about MDB as the best transportation company striving towards excellence! Thank you, dear customer, for being loyal to MDB Transportation, for giving us a reason to grow, for making us stronger every day! 

Final Note

As a transportation company, MDB could not go on without allocating time to thank its business partners, employees, and customers on this special occasion. We wholeheartedly thank you all for being a part of MDB’s success throughout these years. We appreciate all the effort you have been putting into this company so far! Considering how strong the relationship is among us all, MDB Transportation is beyond motivated and inspired to make you proud of having your stake in the company. 

Thank you!

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