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National Truck Driver Appreciation: The Love and Respect Truck Drivers Deserve

It is no secret that the economy is the beating heart of any country. One of the leading factors that contribute to the growth and strength of an economy is commerce. Consumer spending leads to higher wages and improved living standards, generating more income and wealth for the nation.

Now, increased spending boosts the economy, but how can it be sustained? Of course, people in business, other individuals working in the sphere, and consumers are the most significant factors. Additionally, truck drivers and the transportation business are an important part of the groups that ensure the country’s economic growth.

The Importance of Truck Drivers

To understand the amplitude of truck drivers’ importance to the US economy, let’s look at some data. The trucking industry is responsible for transporting approximately 70% of all freight in the States. Truck drivers move more than 671 billion dollars worth of cargo annually and deliver 10 billion tons of every item people use daily.

That is why the job of a truck driver is considered one of the most crucial positions in our economy today. Most companies value the hard work of their drivers and offer them good working conditions, sick pay and vacations, medical insurance, competitive truck driver salary, and much more.

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However, another major event that shows appreciation for this vital profession is National Truck Driver Appreciation week. Let’s discuss the essence of this special occasion, how it can contribute to the development of the transportation business, and help drivers keep moving forward.


When is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2022, and What Is It For?

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So, the first question you might have is, “when is national truck driver appreciation week?” It takes place every year, usually at the beginning of September. This year it ran from September 11-17.

Throughout this time, many trucking companies take the opportunity to show even more gratitude towards their drivers by means of thoughtful gestures, such as giveaways or even giving their drivers a radio shoutout. Who says a day in the life of a truck driver can’t be entertaining, right?

Truck Driver Appreciation week 2022 was filled with all kinds of fun ideas. Some companies took their time to congratulate their drivers on social media or even write simple notes to them expressing their gratitude.

And, of course, surprises like a free lunch, a small party for the drivers and their family members, or acts of service such as renovating the trucks or cleaning them were present as well! Some companies even went above and beyond by adding modern truck equipment that would ease the jobs for the drivers and ensure truck driver safety.

The 3.6 million truck drivers in the USA will definitely feel even more motivated due to events like national truck driver week, which will help them keep going and ensure the unobstructed and positive progress of the economy.


How Much Does a Truck Driver Make?

Aside from National Truck Driver Appreciation week, there are other ways to show gratitude to the truck drivers. And we’re sure you have wondered what a truck driver’s life looks like. Well, it turns out it’s possible to have a good standard of life and welfare with a job as a truck driver.

Truck drivers can earn over $100,000 per year. The typical weekly wage for truck drivers ranges from $1500-2000, or even more.

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Depending on whether the driver is in a team or alone, there will certainly be a noticeable difference in their salary. Team drivers typically earn more money compared to those who operate independently. Because they take turns driving the truck, they have the capability to complete a route in half the time. To be more specific, team drivers cover approximately 6,000 miles per week.

Either way, the average truck driver’s salary is enough for one to create a comfortable living for themselves and their family.


Join MDB Transportation!

If you have ever been interested in truck driver jobs, and wonder where you can get the advantages of being a truck driver, then you need to consider MDB Transportation.

Since the organization’s founding in 2002, MDB has consistently embraced cutting-edge technologies for corporate innovation and sustainability.

The benefits offered by our organization make the trucking career package even more alluring, even though a steady and competitive paycheck is wonderful enough by itself. Examples include paid vacations, health, dental, and life insurance. Another fantastic opportunity MDB offers is truck driver training, which helps drivers deepen their knowledge about the sphere and further develop their truck driver skills.

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In addition, our transportation company uses eco-friendly trucks like electric, chassis-pull, and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) trucks to carry out a sustainable business strategy. Consequently, MDB Transportation is regarded as a business that provides employment in sustainability and is fully compliant with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Transportation business ideas need to include sustainable practices and consider environmental factors. MDB’s operations are equal to planting 12,082 trees, eliminating 169 metric tons of GHG emissions, and removing 100 cars off the road. We are committed to a sustainable business model and know it can help our drivers improve working conditions.

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