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Some of the Latest Trends and Statistics Regarding Transportation Industry

Transportation is essential to business operations. Transportation industry jobs play a huge role in ensuring everything is where it needs to be. 

The transportation sector is still developing and creating new employment possibilities. This article discusses occupations in the transportation industry and tries to understand the existing and upcoming trends in transportation and career prospects data. But first, let’s discuss one of the fundamental jobs in the sector: truck driving. 


What is Truck Driving?

Truck driving is the main and one of the most essential jobs in the sector. Truck drivers’ primary duties are to move cargo from one location to another. They frequently move goods from production facilities to retail stores or distribution hubs. Schedules for truck drivers are primarily based on delivery routes and the distances they cover, which can vary depending on the types of licenses one has. Schedules for truck drivers are primarily based on delivery routes and the distances they cover. These routes can vary depending on the types of licenses the drivers have.

From 2019 to 2029, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the transportation trends will include a 2% increase in the employment of truck drivers. This growth rate is less rapid than the overall average for all jobs. Opportunities, though, can grow as demand from supply chain participants rises.

When it comes to the data regarding the transportation sector, all of the information is derived from The US Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics, which is the go-to source for data on commercial aviation, multimodal freight activity, and transportation economics. It also provides decision-makers and the general public context for understanding transportation industry statistics.

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Overall Employment in the Transportation Industry

Industries in the for-hire transportation sector, such as trucking, rail, and water transportation, are referred to as transportation industries.

When the economy grows, the number of transportation industry jobs generally increases, and when it is slowing down, the demand for products and services, and consequently transportation services, falls.


The Review of Years 2020 and 2021 

According to the transportation industry trends,  10.1% of the American labor force, or 14.3 million people, worked in the transportation and warehousing industry in 2020. 

The trucking sector employed the most transportation workers (1.1 million) among the transportation and transportation-related businesses in 2021. Although it employed the fewest transportation workers (12,430), the interurban and rural bus transportation business had the highest percentage of workers in transportation occupations (85.5%), compared to the trucking industry, where only 74.5% of workers held a transportation position.

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Why is There a Lack of Truck Drivers?

As you can see, there is a constant increase and decrease in the number of workers in the industry. However, one issue remains the same: the existence of a truck driver shortage. Why is it so?

Trucks transport 70% of all freight in the US. Everything falls under this, including manufacturing, garbage removal, food, and medication. According to the transportation industry news, in 2019, US truck drivers transported close to 12 billion tons of freight across the nation, an increase that has been steady over the previous five years. The volume of highway cargo traveling demonstrates how desperately needed truck drivers are.

COVID-19 and its impact are also one of the main causes of the shortage. Mandatory lockdowns and social distancing restrictions created significant disruptions within the global supply chain, wreaking havoc on the economy. This caused an increase in freight rates, a lack of truck drivers, and the trucks on the road. Consequently, the demand for trucks surpassed the supply; spending habits practically shifted overnight as most people completely transitioned to online shopping as a result of being stuck at home.

Unfortunately, a high risk of exposure is still an issue for those who travel for a living, and truck drivers are no exception. 

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What Transportation Company is the Best to Start Your Career with?

As we’ve discussed some of the essential statistics of the industry and understood the importance of the truck driving job, it’s time to talk about a transportation company that provides high-quality services and good working conditions. It is even better when the company follows sustainability in business. 

The trucking company MDB Transportation, which has its headquarters in Los Angeles, is recognized for delivering top-notch services, which include rail and port trucking, LCL, and complete truckload services. 

The benefits offered by our organization make the trucking career package even more alluring, even though a steady paycheck is terrific on its own. Examples include paid vacations, health, dental, life insurance, and reimbursement for time off from work.

Only the best transportation company uses eco-friendly practices and combines innovation in its operations to lessen the harm the industry can cause to the environment. MDB is one of those companies. 

Since its founding in 2002, MDB has consistently embraced technology that presents fresh opportunities for innovation and sustainability. Through the years, it has steadily enhanced its offerings, and it eagerly anticipates utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

As a leading freight transportation provider, MDB implements a sustainable business strategy by utilizing environmentally friendly vehicles such as electric, chassis-pull, and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) automobiles. MDB Transportation is a completely compliant Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) company because it uses electric and natural gas vehicles, making it an elite company that offers jobs in sustainability

The operations of MDB, a company that strategically follows sustainable business practices, are equivalent to removing 100 cars from the road, growing 12,082 trees, and avoiding the emission of 169 metric tons of greenhouse gasses.

With all of that in mind, MDB can be easily considered the best transportation company to work for in the industry.

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