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The Culture of Employee Appreciation: What Opportunities Does MDB Provide?

“MDB Transportation values the talents and abilities of our employees and seeks to foster a cooperative and dynamic environment in which employees and the company alike can thrive,” – Jack Khudikyan, Vice President of MDB Transportation.

These words mirror the significance that the transportation company puts in its culture of employee appreciation. The management team of companies worldwide thrives on making their employees feel appreciated, recognized, and valued. The reason behind this is the understanding that employees drive company success. In the case of MDB, truck drivers help the company grow and attract customers with excellence in service. Achievements, going above and beyond expectations, reaching goal milestones, and many other criteria may indicate how well employees work at the company. However, the reality is that each of the previously mentioned criteria is directly proportional to how the company treats its employees. Without receiving the proper treatment, there is no need for the company to wait for employee excellence – it just won’t happen at a company that doesn’t develop a culture of employee appreciation unless employees do their best. In the example of MDB Transportation, you may learn about factors that make an authentic culture of employee appreciation. 

Competitive Salary

A competitive salary is the most critical driver of employee motivation making them put effort into the job they are responsible for. Employers should always keep in mind that the moment a worker notices that the competitor pays higher for the same position, that’s the moment when the employer loses a worker to the competitor. And that’s the meaning of a competitive salary. During hard times on a regular workday, nothing else rather than a comparably higher salary with another company will persuade employees to stay regardless of present circumstances. You cannot even imagine how many problems a competitive salary solves – demotivation, employee turnover, unproductivity, low living standards. Yes, high pay motivates employees, makes them stay at the company, which decreases employee turnover rate, improves productivity, and opens up doors to a better life with higher yet reasonable standards. 

Family Environment

MDB Transportation is a loving family full of kind and friendly employees. And this is not just a statement written to fill in the article – it is the truth. Everyone in the company works with one another on a day-to-day basis, and such long years of cooperation and success wouldn’t be possible to achieve without nurturing a family environment. Imagine if you work in a company where everything was strictly checked by the management without giving employees the opportunity to engage in informative and exciting conversations about work and life-related topics. Did you like that picture? Yeah, I didn’t like it either. Now, imagine if you work in a company where you are open to communicating with employees regardless of circumstances, and all you need to give in return is a responsible attitude towards the tasks you have, i.e., safe delivery of the truckload. Doesn’t that feel nice and comforting? At MDB Transportation, employees care about each other’s problems, feelings, and emotional state. They do not only work and work and work; instead, they act humanely and make people at the company feel surrounded by a family

Job Security

One of the most desired things in a career is job security – it makes the standard working routine a more relaxed occasion. To put it simply, job security is the assurance that an employee will remain at the company in the foreseeable future regardless of circumstances. When a company assures its employees’ job security, they automatically feel relaxed. They leave thoughts like “What can I do to make sure I always have this job?” “Oh, what if inflation happens, will I get fired?” and so on. Instead, they allocate time to concentrate on perfecting what they do during a usual workday to become better professionals and advance forward in their careers. The company automatically improves service quality because employees work better and better every working day. MDB has felt that because all the transportation company does is ensure job security for the workforce. 

Moreover, MDB Transportation does it on a whole ‘another level. The transportation industry is heavily regulated, which is the reason why many companies get out of the game really quickly. Being heavily regulated, transportation industry news constantly talks about win-win factors for transportation companies to maintain their position in the market. Even sustainability news relates to the transportation industry with this aspect. Guess what? Environmental sustainability is the first winning aspect for them. The key to establishing a long-lasting presence in the transportation industry as the best trucking company to work for is delivering sustainable business practices to the community. This way, the company maintains its status as a Corporate Socially Responsible (CSR) one, which pushes the transportation industry to stick to that particular company – MDB Transportation. 

Also, as a company provisioning a sustainable business model, it needs to provide its employees with apt knowledge to succeed in a career. This means that the company fosters employees that will never regret having MDB in their working experience because it is the place where they gain knowledge and professionalism. Even if employees change their workplace for some reason, MDB provides them with a skill set that will give them job security for their entire life. 

Working Benefits

The company occasionally asks employees’ friends and family how they feel about the company. C’mon, employees may be shy, to tell the truth, but their friends and family want the best for them, so why not? They always ascertain the fact that MDB transportation has the family environment employees are looking for. One of those people mentioned, “I have friends working at MDB Transportation and they always say everything is there for them to work more productively. They claim that the company puts their employees first, and there are great benefits for them. What I like the most in MDB is their eco-friendly operations and the commitment to a healthier and greener environment.” As you can see, there is much more to working at MDB, but the main thing to highlight is how employees feel working at MDB when they feel like the company puts them first and provides many working benefits for them.

As a company thriving to grow a workforce with not only good professionals but also good personalities, MDB fosters benevolence and professionalism. The company provides its workers the opportunity to grow as professionals by accessing the best training courses with career coaches. Plus, MDB is careful about maintaining a work-life balance in employees’ lives. It is an essential indicator of good mental health – key to productive and motivated work. Alongside, this sustainable transportation company provides:

  • Dedicated year-round work
  • 2020/2021 Kenworth trucks
  • 24/7 friendly and bilingual dispatch
  • On-site fuel station
  • On-site yard goat
  • Referral bonus
  • Local Port work (drop and hook)
  • No-touch freight
  • Saturday work availability
  • Spend time at home every day 
  • Top earning potential 

Flexible and Innovative Working Environment

One of the truck drivers of MDB Transportation, Emery Hart, says, “Great work environment, good pay and benefits, flexible hours…all I need to feel valued as an employee and work at my best.” With female truck drivers who are this happy, MDB clearly shows that it has no limitation regarding gender, race, etc. A female truck driver is no different from a male truck driver. Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is one of the best parts of the transportation company. It makes the working environment flexible, innovative, and international – so many nationalities and absolutely zero discrimination. 

Alongside diversity & inclusion, MDB embraces innovation. Moreover, the company culture is built on the ideology that innovation creates opportunities and drives success. Even since 2002, MDB has always stood as a pioneer in bringing cutting-edge tech into the company operations. The company recently announced that the Vice President, Jack Khudikyan, has placed the largest Kenworth EV (electric vehicle) order to date: 15 Kenworth T680E and 10 Kenworth K270E battery EVs. 

Also, Jack initiated the establishment of alternative fuel stations for locals. He mentions, “It was a dream for us 4-5 years ago to be where we are now. And it is always about the ‘one step at a time to be the change everyone strives to see. I’m proud we are here, and we have an alternative fueling station for locals to keep it sustainable.” Notice that a sustainable and innovative breakthrough has been a dream for the company 4-5 years ago, but today they have another significant milestone accomplished. Turns out, MDB is not only thriving towards sustainable development but also implementing activities to make our transportation infrastructure better!

Final Note

So, now let me ask, do you want to work in a transportation business like MDB Transportation, 

where you always feel appreciated, recognized, and valued? Then, we are happy to announce that recruitment for driving careers is open! Call us at your earliest convenience at 562-928-0668 and join the team of professionals at the best trucking company to work for!

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