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Top Safety Tips for Truck Drivers: MDB Transportation Shares its Secret

In 2018, there were over 1.5 million truck drivers in the United States, reports Statista. As logistics transportation companies put much effort into employing more people in the trucking industry, raising public awareness of the best driving safety tips is essential. Therefore, MDB Transportation is happy to share with you its wealth of experience operating as a carrier.

Concerning the key pre-driving procedures, ensure that you have completed the required inspections. Should you find any abnormalities, report them right away. In fact, there is a piece of growing evidence that trucks that have not gone through regular maintenance have a higher likelihood of breaking down on the road than those that comply with the necessary standards. Moreover, the two factors that make drivers most susceptible to accidents are traffic and weather. In numbers, over 20% of all accidents worldwide are caused by unfavorable weather patterns. Therefore, you would much benefit from subscribing to weather alerts to keep yourself informed of any anticipated adverse weather conditions.

If you’re on the road and the weather is still poor, you might want to be extra cautious around areas that ice up quickly. For example, intersections and bridges often tend to become impassable when it snows. Once you are ready to go, invest some time in building your trip schedule. Having a clear idea of the timing for your lunch, rest breaks, and phone calls can not only make you a lot more time-efficient, but it can also make you more organized.

Throughout your trip, do not forget to practice defensive driving. In essence, it means being constantly on the lookout for unexpected turnarounds of events. It goes without saying that while you might be following all the essential traffic rules, your fellow drivers might not. Thus, it is worth being extra attentive to the driving behavior of nearby vehicles.

So how can you achieve a clear mind when driving? Practice mindfulness. Research indicates that mindfulness activities such as yoga contribute to improved mental & physical health and overall wellbeing. It is no wonder that an increasing number of psychotherapists worldwide leverage the advantages of mindfulness to treat sleep problems and various mental health issues.

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In addition, sleepiness makes up a significant proportion of all road accidents globally. As a rule of thumb, if you are driving for 8 or more hours, make sure to take a half an hour break after the first 7 hours. In fact, frequent stops significantly boost safety by lowering the risks of driver fatigue. If you can plan the breaks in advance, they should not disrupt your driving experience or result in lengthy trips.

MDB Transportation is a fully asset-based transportation company, which means the carrier offers you much certainty even in uncertain times. Among top US transportation companies, MDB boasts a significant contribution to environmental sustainability. By planting over 12,000 trees and eliminating over 170 metric tons of GHG emissions through its operations, it prioritizes reducing its environmental footprint across all processes of its operation. Additionally, the carrier has provided the highest quality of customer service across all sectors since 2002. A Los Angeles-based transportation network company, MDB always looks to hire the most talented professionals to ensure people throughout its community and beyond experience the stringent quality standards cherished in the company. Looking ahead and anticipating changing environments is a core principle at MDB as the transportation provider leverages cutting-edge technology to innovate and come up with creative solutions.

Do you want to join a team where the talents of members are highly appreciated? Join MDB Transportation now for an exceptional work experience!

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