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Types of Trucking Equipment: MDB’s Guide

The US car hauling industry made up about $10 billion in 2019, according to Acertus, a logistics company. But what are the truck trailer types used for auto transport by a transportation business? Today, each shipment is unique, and trailers vary in their specifications and volumes to ensure the proper transport of goods. So it is key to have a great understanding of the most common varieties of trucking equipment to move freights optimally. MDB Transportation, a leading transportation company, brings you all the essentials concerning varieties of trucking equipment.

Riding on the highway for a few minutes, you are highly likely to spot a dry van. As the most common trucking equipment, any non-hazardous freight requiring minimum protection can be easily transported via a dry van. In terms of the loading and unloading procedures, rear doors are typically used. In addition, dry vans can accommodate 26 single-stacked pallets and twice that of double-stacked ones, with forklifts needing elevated access for trailer loading and unloading. Going through the most typical options is always helpful, especially for popular trucking equipment like the dry van. A dry van boasts a maximum weight of up to 45,000 pounds. Also, dry vans often have wood floors and plate and vented trailers, among other components.

Next, refrigerated trailers, or simply reefers, transport freights that require specific temperature conditions. Among the typical goods are perishables, medicine, and food. A key advantage of reefers is that they can provide the goods with a stable temperature through the ride. Similar to dry vans, refrigerated trailers can carry 26 single-stacked pallets and 52 double-stacked ones. Concerning the maximum cargo weight, reefers are slightly below dry vans, with up to 44,000 pounds.

When it comes to boosting comfort while ensuring convenience and safety, straight trucks are like no other. Often called cube trucks and cube vans, straight trucks use unit power and cab to carry freight. Typical freights include pieces of furniture, home goods, and smaller-size items. Most states have set 34,000 pounds as the maximum freight weight for straight trucks.

Moving on to the heavyweight options, flatbed trailers are a top choice for shipping large and heavy freight that otherwise cannot easily be accommodated in a dry van. Wondering how? As the flatbed provides an open platform, with neither sides nor stakes, you can use all sides of the trailer to load and unload goods. The maximum load weight for a standard flatbed is 48,000 pounds.

One similar option to standard flatbeds is step-deck flatbeds. A platform trailer, step deck flatbed features no sides, roof, not even doors. Shippers can load taller freight through its lower deck just like they would do with a standard straight flatbed. Its maximum cargo weight is typically 42,500 pounds.

Another popular flatbed trailer solution is the double drop flatbed. Through its 3 different-level platforms, one situated at the front, another at the freight’s middle, and the third one at the rear wheels’ rear platform, double drop flatbed provides unique opportunities for transporting goods. For example, the lowest level is ideal for shipping taller items that one would typically transport with a standard and step deck flatbed trailer.

Types of truck trailers differ in shapes and sizes that were developed to make one’s shipment efficient and seamless. So at MDB Transportation, we have outlined the primary types to give you a helpful guide to turn to when deciding on the appropriate freight trucks for any purpose. Feel free to bookmark the article to come back anytime you like!

Arguably the best trucking service provider in the United States, MDB Transportation boasts impressive figures in its portfolio! Twenty-three thousand four hundred shuttled containers each year, over 450,000 miles annually, and 20 satisfied customers position us as a leader in the trucking industry.

But what if, in addition to being a leader, MDB Transportation boasts environmental sustainability goals? It goes without saying that sustainable conduct of business boosts the quality of life worldwide. By being mindful of environmental concerns, we can provide future generations with ample natural resources. MDB is committed to doing business sustainably!

As a sustainable transportation system, MDB has conducted operations equal to planting over 12,000 trees, eliminating about 170 metric tons of GHG emissions, and taking a hundred cars off the road. Excitingly, MDB is able to operate sustainably while maintaining the highest quality of service. Among our fleet, we have electric and chassis-pull CNG (compressed natural gas) – down to the alley of drivers interested in environmental sustainability. MDB Transportation has indeed earned the title of Corporate Socially Responsible (CSR) company thanks to its use of EVs and natural gas. In addition, should you like to join MDB Transportation, our company will be happy to offer you sustainable vehicles such as class 8 tractors.

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“MDB Transportation values the talents and abilities of our employees and seeks to foster a cooperative and dynamic environment in which employees and the company alike can thrive,” Jack Khudikyan, MDB’s Vice President. It should come as no surprise that as a leading provider of transportation services, MDB gives high importance to the celebration of the unique abilities of its employees. For MDB Transportation, the self-actualization of its staff is key to fostering professional growth within its company. With this in mind, the company has designed a strategic plan that sets the needs and wants of its employees as a high priority.

So from unique talents to the desire to develop and excel, MDB boasts a history of hiring the very best professionals that join the company with much enthusiasm to contribute while seeing personal and professional growth. Besides, the transportation company invests maximum time and resources into meeting every single customer’s supply chain needs. And in this process, our employees play a huge role!

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