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What Are Some Benefits of Working as a Truck Driver at MDB Transportation?

The success of every transportation business depends mostly on qualified drivers. In the United States, truck drivers are responsible for 70% of freight transportation, especially in recent years as the transportation industry is expanding quickly. It makes sense that there is a severe truck driver shortage. However, it is also important to find a transportation company that allows its drivers to earn a competitive wage and provides them with other benefits. 

In this article, we’ll learn the beneficial aspects of working at MDB Transportation, a transportation company based in Los Angeles that also follows sustainable business practices, and dive deeper into the average salary for truck driver


What are The Benefits of Being a Truck Driver? 

  • Competitive Pay

According to Indeed, the annual average truck driver salary is $77,473. Becoming an independent truck driver or owner-operator can help the average compensation increase to $160,000 or more annually.

The average truck driver’s salary in California is $81,888. The truck driver hourly pay is $27.22, the daily wage is $311, and the monthly payment is around $5,798.

The average truck driver pay per month for independent owner-operators is $17,000.

Therefore, depending on the type of truck driver they are, their salary might be anywhere from $50,000 to $160,000 or more. 

Team drivers typically earn more money than the drivers who work alone. Because they swap when driving the truck together, they may get to their final destination in roughly half the time single drivers spend on the road. More specifically, team drivers cover around 6,000 miles per week and earn $3,421, whereas single drivers go 3,000 miles per week and receive $1,239.

If we look at the mile scale, team drivers make between $0.49 and $0.75. On the other hand, the average pay for a truck driver who operates alone is $0.37 to $0.60 per mile. Owner-operators make between $1.22 and $1.75 per mile driving trucks they own and managing trucking duties. As you can see, there is a slight difference in truck driver pay, but in the long run, it definitely adds up.

At MDB Transportation, the average salary of a truck driver is competitive and allows them to have financial stability and security. 

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  •  Health Insurance 

Truck drivers in our trucking company have access to a complete range of standard benefits like health, dental, vision, and life insurance. Most trucking businesses also provide these benefits to the drivers’ families, which come in several forms, including Medicaid and CHIP.

  • Travel

One of the benefits of being a truck driver is that it offers a fantastic chance to travel and make money at the same time. It provides the opportunity to see the magnificent cityscapes of America and the vast range of diverse landscapes around the country, including deserts, mountains, oceans, and everything in between. So, truck drivers can plan their trips to coincide with drop-offs in locations they want to visit and explore!

  • Freedom

Truck drivers have an unmatched amount of personal freedom at work—no supervisor watching their back, no office drama, no corporate grind. They can spend the time on the road listening to podcasts, music, audiobooks, or talking to loved ones while driving. There are no morning commutes to work or tedious paperwork to deal with; it’s just them, their truck, and the wide road.

Truck driving may also be flexible depending on their personal life and how much work they want to do. The drivers may plan their own routes, whether they are lengthy or brief, to suit their needs. With MDB Trucking, drivers have the benefits of being their boss while still receiving the back-office assistance of a major carrier.

  • No Need For a Degree

No Academic Degree is necessary for truck drivers to get equal pay, unlike many other advanced-education jobs. Getting their commercial driver’s license and becoming a truck driver (CDL) takes three weeks. They’ll need a CDL to be able to drive big trucks and move more profitable kinds of freight, which will boost their income. So, although a CDL is required to operate trucks with heavier loads, a degree is not necessary to be a truck driver.

  •  Job Stability

The trucking industry expands together with the economy and is sometimes called the foundation or heart of our economy.  In other words, there is a need for truck drivers when there is a demand for products. Job stability is an advantage for truck drivers because of the ongoing lack of them, which results in urgent recruiting.

Trucking business recruitment is very competitive.Therefore, when a driver applies for a position in the trucking industry, they have more chances of getting a job than people looking for work in other industries. 

  •  Contributing to Industry Development

The trucking business has a long history of leading technology advancement. Many companies, including MDB Transportation, regularly replace the older vehicles in their fleets and use mobile computing to improve and simplify their work. Future self-driving trucks won’t replace drivers; instead, they’ll make driving safer and easier than ever before while preserving a solid need for drivers, who’ll probably continue to play a role like that of a captain or pilot. Additionally, the trucking sector is constantly growing and is projected by the American Trucking Association to increase by 35% by 2029.

One more revolutionary aspect of the trucking industry is using a sustainable business model. Thanks to this, the trucking business began to cause less environmental harm. 

  • Holidays and Vacations

Vacation and sick days are also one of the main advantages of working as a truck driver at MDB Transportation. To fulfill their job as a professional truck driver to the best of your ability, they must be alert and healthy. We know that taking vacations for relaxation and breaks when ill are necessary.

  • Possibilities for Growth

Truck drivers can work for a fleet or operate independently. If they work for a fleet, the business will provide them access to trucks and offer them routes of various lengths. Regarding the number of hours drivers in their fleets must work, some companies are less accommodating than others. Orders and shipments are contingent on supply and demand. Hence the schedules involved are rarely predictable.

In contrast to some lower-paying competitors, companies that receive the most valuable contracts frequently hold their drivers to higher standards. Truck driving remains one of the most adaptable career alternatives due to the volume of tasks offered each week. 

Drivers may exercise even more independence as an owner-operator in the trucking business if they buy or rent their vehicle and interact more directly with suppliers and clients. It might be difficult for someone new to the profession to be eager to go out and compete for assignments, though. However, if they choose to work independently and possess the necessary driving and interpersonal skills, they may succeed as an owner-operator in the trucking sector.

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Once the driver’s success as an owner-operator has grown, they could have the desire to expand their enterprise and launch their trucking fleet. In this capacity, they can work with young drivers as a trainer for them to complete deliveries in fleet vehicles you either own or lease from a third party.

Still, having a strong foundation that will later help drivers create their transportation company is crucial. With MDB Transportation, they will be able to gain enough knowledge about the industry, trucking equipment, freight, and other factors to run a sustainable business on their own. 


MDB Transportation Provides All of These Benefits!

We advise beginning with MDB Transportation if you want to find truck driving positions with various advantages in the transport industry and earn a decent truck driver salary. Our top goal has been providing outstanding service since 2002. As a Los Angeles-based transportation company, we aim to assemble a group of experts who can meet our client’s expectations.

We strictly follow a sustainable business strategy since our organization appreciates the environment and reduces the amount of air pollution. 

Our sustainable business growth calls for the planting of 12,082 trees and the reduction of 169 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Team driving enables us to utilize fewer trucks and, consequently, take 100 automobiles off the road because it is one of our sustainable business model tactics. So, team driving at MDB Transportation is a terrific choice if you’re a truck driver who cares about the environment and wants to have a solid career.

Sustainable business ideas, appreciating our employees, and fostering a great workplace culture are some of our company’s principles. We see to it that each team member develops their skills while working. It is safe to say that all of these qualities make MDB Transportation the best transportation company to work for. 

So, if you’re interested in local truck driving and jobs in sustainability, contact us now! 

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